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Tailoring and alterations services: Same-day and emergency, formal wear, leather, repairs, resizing, restyling, all clothing types, knitting patterns, beginner sewing tutorials,  plus 14 comprehensive tutorials so you can learn to do your own alterations
and even run your own successful alterations business from home!
Do Your Clothes Need A Transformation?
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We're all clothes horses stampeding around in styles and color schemes that we hope reflect our unique essence.

But everybody falls apart at the seams sooner or later, and then a skilled alterations specialist needs to be found.

That's me!  Call 651-351-9609


 Unless YOU are the perfect person to become the clothes horse whisperer of your own wardrobe...and others' clothing. 

I've got what you need for FREE on YouTube here with over 70 videos and on our Tutorials page where for discount prices you can find up to 14 choice video tutorials geared for the super-hero sewer - THE TOTAL PACKAGE.  These could potentially set you up in your own home business as well, depending upon your determination to succeed.




Alterations by Phyllis (with Dancing Fabrics) is all about local AND global outreach service, because if there's some reason I can't do your alterations for you, then you or somebody you know, admire and trust can learn to achieve mastery through my extensive YouTube resource.

I've got your alterations needs covered!

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I'm passionate about my Etsy shop, Dancing Fabrics, which caters to children's soft toys and security blankets PLUS knitters with interesting and challenging knitting patterns, all of which reach out to you with mystical healing properties and magical essences!

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Dancing Fabrics on Etsy

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