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First A Look At Our Outstanding Design Class!


Everybody has their own good taste and personal flair and preferences in clothing.

Yet not everyone may feel that they are artistic.

Trust me -- everyone already possesses within themselves enough artistry to compose amazing wearable art designs!

This is a 3-part class - you can choose to take 1, 2 or all 3 - each will result in your completely unique designer print-clothing-on-demand through a collaborative effort.

The basic process:  *Design * Upload to a fabric print service * Construct the garment

What does designer print-clothing-on-demand mean through a collaborative effort?

It means instead of somebody somewhere else controlling design, style, color, etc., and controlling where you purchase mass ready-to-wear styles in dictated colors and design -- that you may find is pretty sweet, but maybe you wish what you're finding on store racks had this element or that detail or more quality or a different color -- now you are in complete control of orchestrating an exceptional article of clothing, including sewing it yourself, if you want to.


At the very least, the student conceptualizes and delivers the fabric design.  This is achieved by coloring on paper with markers or colored pencils, various modes of painting, computer drawing/coloring, photo collage, text, Photoshop, other design programs, and another idea for design I have up my designer sleeve! 

At the very most, the student accomplishes all of the above design work, plus learns how to utilize the fabric print service, and constructs the actual garment.

So...who is this class for?

It's for teens, boys and girls alike, who are wild for an experience in clothing design that requires only your fantastic imagination, willingness to learn a little or a lot, and for your effort acquire custom apparel that becomes a fabric statement of your authenticity, individuality, unique perspective and a lot of fun along the way!

In Design Class 1 we will accomplish the following:

* Select a garment from the templates collection.

* Assess for correct size.

*Explore various fabric design methods.

* Plan or ad lib the fabric design.

* Compose the design in studio or at home.

* Consult with me for best results before uploading to fabric print service.

* Students may use sewing lab time (see below) as design lab time, if desired.

Student can choose to stop here and still get a totally completed piece (one).  $30 price does not include cost of fabric and does not include cost for me to sew outfit.  Fabric prices range between $15-$38 per yard.  Most outfits will require only a yard.  Price for me to sew an outfit is $25 per hour.  Most projects will take 2-3 hours for me to construct.  For those who do not sew, your average cost (not a quote) for this experience you are providing for your child is $30 for class + $26 average fabric cost + $50 for 2 hours of my sewing time = $106, $101 for students who arrive on time.  

Please do not purchase this class unless student can realistically commit to 1 hour of class plus 1-2 hours or more design homework accomplished at home or during lab time at my studio.

$30/1-hour class  

($5 instant rebate for on-time students!)



* * *

In Design Class 2 we will accomplish the following:

* Learn about fabric print-on-demand services.

* Learn about and choose the best fabric type for your outfit (so many choices!)

* Learn how to upload your design to my favorite fabric print service, Spoonflower.  Note, you can upload yourself independently, with my supervision, or leave it to me to upload for you.

* Set up your own Spoonflower account, if you wish.

* Wait with great excitement for your fabric to return in approximately 10 days!

Student can also choose to stop here and still get a totally completed piece (one).  As mentioned in Class 1 above, $30 does not cover any other costs such as fabric, my sewing time, or lab time.  Referring to average costs above, student can expect to spend approximately $130 for the 2 classes, fabric and my sewing time to complete the outfit.

Again, please do not purchase this class unless student can realistically commit to 1 hour of class and optional homework, prerequisite Class 1.

$30/1-hour class  

($5 instant rebate for on-time students!)



* * *

In Design Class 3 we will accomplish the following:

* This class is for those who wish to sew their own garment and desire consultation/assistance.  Student can choose to sew all or part of the outfit here in studio or at home.  Student must be an intermediate sewist, I can help assess.

Otherwise, all outfits will be constructed by me.

This class will be run in open labs with two 2-hour labs per week (4 hrs./wk). Student may use my machines or bring their own.  Student may pay at the door and must call ahead about using lab hours.

$10/1-hour lab


* * *


Fashion Runway Show

For those who wish to participate in a fashion show,

get ready to rock your designer apparel!

Venue to be determined after class completion and dependent upon 10 or more interested students. 

Tell Me About Yourself and What You'd Love to Achieve in Our Design Class!

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Your Fantastical Graphic Art
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Now For A Look At Our Exceptional Sewing Classes!

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