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How To Blind Hem Pants on Your Own Home Sewing Machine

That’s right! I am NOT the sewing police. But I can bail you out of pants hem jail.

No doubt there are sad and lonesome pants hanging in your family’s closets that fit just fine except they need hemming.

The thought of taking them to the alterations specialists and spending more money on them than you already did stops you from doing anything about it, right?

And it especially bugs you that you know how to hand sew and machine sew, but there’s no way to sew a blind hem on a home sewing machine, right?

What if I told you there IS a way to blind hem on your own home sewing machine!

After you watch the video below, you’ll not only know WHAT to do, you’ll know exactly HOW to do it on your very own home sewing machine.

Yes, you’re welcome! I just saved you a ton of money if you’re determined enough to save your family’s closets full of pants needing hemming.

Go for it, super hero sewist! Then let us know about your smart results!

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