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How to Get Rid of Jeans Waist Gap or Reduce the Waist

This one’ll really spring you from the slammer of throw-away clothing problems with my sew-away solution.

Getting rid of jeans waist gap is my most popular video tutorial to date.

That’s because the world’s love affair with denim jeans continues to flame hot. We want our jeans to fit sleek and snug. Nobody digs jeans waist gap. Especially women, and increasingly men want this service, too!

This method is not a shortcut such as making darts or pleats.

No, this method takes some determination and a machine that’ll handle thick denim ridges.

I think you’ll find great satisfaction in machine-gunning your machine needle over denim fabric and shooting solid stitches into place.

All for a resulting smooth waist and butt look to your jeans that can’t be beat.

View the video and resolve to gap no more!

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