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How To Perfectly Gift A Sewist/ Crafter/ Quilter

For Fabric Freaks like you and like me, we’re all looking for the next best project to stitch upon.

Yep, laying down threads is a heavenly pastime for us, whether it’s crafting with fabric, sewing all things imaginable, or quilting awesome comfort!

That’s why I’m sharing with you some gifting ideas you might not otherwise stumble upon this holiday season as well as year-round.

Let’s start with 5 fabulous craft books from 2017.

While geared primarily towards the quilter, s/he who uses her imagination can work any of these ideas into garments and bags, really, anywhere the imagination soars.

1…Making Faces in Fabric. Is that not the most intriguing craft title? I get goosebumps over this one because I love to draw myself. Here author Melissa Averinos brings us her face quilts workshop in the form of this wonderful book.

2…Animal Quilts. Amazing animal motif quilts done via paper piecing, we animal lovers could go nuts over this book by Juliet van der Heijden.

3…Coloring with Thread: Stitching a Whimsical World with Hand Embroidery. And whimsical is the best descriptor for this astonishingly detailed and beautiful hand embroidery book by Tula Pink.

4…Astrologically inclined? Then you’ll be attracted to Constellations 12 Pieced Astrological Blocks 8 Personalized Sewing Projects. Unusual and beautiful, make a quilt with the blocks or other cosmic novelties, by Amber Platzer Corcoran and Jaime Jennings.

5… Southwest Modern: From Marfa to New Mexico: 18 Travel-Inspired Quilts features simple and sophisticated southwestern influence quilts including travel anecdotes by Kristi Schroeder.

For The Yarn Enthusiast – because knitting and crocheting is fabric, too!

Bet you didn’t know I run an Etsy shop featuring knitting patterns, Again – not your usual suspects – these patterns are primarily afghans – flowing and lacy or thick and comforting. Also, here’s where you can meet Bear Hug Rug!

For those itching to make something for someone just in time for the holidays:

Get all the inexpensive tools of the sewing trade below and gather them up into a bag handcrafted by you! See the FREE bag pattern suggestion here (it’s big to accommodate fabric, too).







Long Game Gift?

A new sewing machine may be just the thing to set you up for 2018!



***Many of the above links are affiliate links, so please consider shopping for those and other items on Amazon by starting through these links because the commission I receive helps support me and bring you even more great FREE video and blog content!***

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