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Formal Dress Hems – Chiffon, Part 2

I am NOT the sewing police. But I can bail you out of the pokey when it comes to formal dress hems, especially chiffon.

Is there anything flimsier to work with than chiffon? No!

Is there anything prettier than flowing chiffon? No!

That’s why you want to say Yes! at least to viewing this video.

Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll grab a sheer curtain to practice on and then – look out – there you are stepping up to an actual chiffon skirt!

Take your rolled hem presser foot and get going!

Rolled presser foot, you ask? Yes, that’s the thing that’s going to make this POSSIBLE. That and your SERGER. Oh, yeah…

See for yourself:

#formaldress #rolledhem #hem #chiffonhem #rolledhempresserfoot

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