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Formal Dress Hems – Satin, Part 1

I am NOT the sewing police. But I can bail you out of the clink when it comes to formal dress hems.

Now don’t back away and look at me all askance!

You’re here because you at least want to take a look at this second in a series of 2 hem types.

Good – so that when you’re finished viewing these choice videos I arduously (and ardently) put together for you, there will be no question WHAT to do and HOW to do satin and chiffon hemming.

All that will remain in your mind is IF you will do it.

I mean, c’mon! Who really wants to contend with chiffon, as prettily sheer and nastily stubborn as it gets, right!

That’s why you go at the task pretty nastily yourself, armed and dangerous with techniques ‘n’ tools.

So hold out your hand, stop backing away, and allow me to lead you towards sewing mastery.

We’ll start with fairly easy satin skirt hemming.

There, there…take a big breath, exhale long and just take a look. You can’t botch looking! I’ll be right here with you.

#formaldress #satin #satinhem #rolledhem #rolledhempresserfoot

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