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The 3-Part Suit Coat Series – Bottom Hemming, Part 2

Would you rather spend 30 days in solitary confinement than hem the bottom of a suit coat?

I mean, how do you make those curves at the overlap much less make them match?

Super easy, dude, when you use my method.

This method is forgiving of imperfect curves as long as they’re fairly similar.

A suit that’s too long is not only uncomfortable, it draws unwanted attention to the excess fabric.

So how do you lengthen a suit jacket that's too short?

The answer is you don't because you can't. There's no extra fabric available.

So how do you know when a suit jacket is too long?

There are 4 instances that tell you it’s too long.

One is that it’s just plain obvious.

The second is it generally should be approximately half the height of the measurement between the point that is the base of your neck down to the ground.

So, say it's 60 inches from the base of your neck to the ground - that means your suit jacket length should be around 30 inches below the base of your neck.

The third is Google results on the subject will reveal a lot of good information from which to decide.

The fourth is preference. It all comes down to preference, baby!

Learn how to shorten suit coats with success.

Then dare to do it.

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