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How To Taper Pants Legs aka Skinny Pants

Everybody seems to like tapered or skinny pants.

I know I do.

And everybody is posting their version of how it’s done everywhere.

There is no lack of online how-to help when it comes to narrowing pant legs.

Here’s my version, mostly emphasizing how to do it from the knee down. However, I’ve been called upon to do it a bunch of different ways, even on jeans.

On jeans, it’s tricky when you run into the double topstitched flat fell seam that occurs either on the outside seam or inside seam.

Lots of methods shown deal only with the non-flat fell seam.

I’ve shortcut that way, too, believe me! However, there are times that shortcut won’t cut it because the slant becomes too severe when not equally distributed between both seams.

Well – watch the video and see which way feels like house arrest and which one feels like freedom to you.

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