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9 Money-Saving Tips on Wedding Dress Alterations

He proposed! Now begins the best time of your life. Time to grab the girls and go wedding dress shopping.

Not so fast, my little starry-eyed bride-to-be!

Sit your pretty sweet self down, take a few cleansing breaths, and ground yourself, for heaven's sake. I'm going to help you save your sanity doing this monumental task, a task that can quickly get overwhelmingly stressful if you crash around without the guidelines THIS generous alterations specialist is about to share with you in this post and abundantly in the video below.

I don't want you to get rooked, hooked, booked, spooked or crooked into anything that translates into huge alterations expenditures.

That's right -- I don't want you to have to come to someone like me crying your eyes out because you're in a jam.

So I'm going to show you how to make such sterling decisions about your dress that you will hardly - if at all - have to shell out for alterations expense PLUS get your dress on time.

Oh, I know - you want to dash off right now with your BFF, hit the stores, pore over websites. Yes, do all that, yet slow it down and consider - is your BFF the best person to take or would you OBJECTIVELY do better taking somebody else? You do not need a squad of nay-sayers or yay-sayers - no, you need someone who'll slap you to your senses. Who is that person? Take him or her instead.

I'm reminded of the time a client was persuaded by her mother to buy a style the client herself hated, nor did it fit well. When we fixed one of the fitting problems, she still hated it and asked me to keep altering it until she loved it...I said, "Um, what will that take?" and she said, "I'll know it when I see it."

Well, that was the biggest red flag ever raised in my shop. This was an instance when I had to be both business steel and compassion real.

Since her wedding was just days away, I took her hand in mine and said something like, "Stop pleasing your mother. You have just enough time to go find the dress you love."

And that's what she did. Permission from a stranger was all she needed.

Watch the video now and know that I'm right over your shoulder guiding you toward the best purchase possible and still be head over heels in love with your dress!

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