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The BEST Blind Hemming

on your sewing machine video

you'll ever see

(full version)

There's a stitch on your own home sewing machine that will blind hem everything you own.  You'll never have to go to an alterations expert like me 
ever again!
This video demonstrates the technique on pants!

Slim Your Jeans-Dockers-Chinos Waists

(full version)

No more annoying jeans waist gap.  Get the sleek look you deserve on jeans, dockers & chinos.

Adjust Men's Dress Pants Waists

(full version)

Waist adjustment on men's dress pants is so easy you won't believe it!

Replace Faulty Jeans Zipper

(full version)

A little labor intensive but worth it when you save a favorite pair of jeans.

Adjust Women's Pants Waists

(full version)

Not quite as easy as adjusting men's pants waists, just a few more steps to achieve perfect fit.

Taper/Skinny Pants Legs

(full version)

For the love of skinny pants legs, here's how you do it for best results.

Cuffed Pants Hems

(full version)

When cuffed pants hems are popular, learn how to achieve the look easily.

Adjust/Slim Shirts

(full version)

Slim shirts at chest and waist that are too wide and boxy so you can tuck into pants comfortably.

Shorten Cuffed Shirt Sleeves

(full version)

Shorten cuffed shirt sleeves with ease, you'll love the simplicity of the technique.

Shorten/Hem Shirt Bottoms

(full version)

Shorten shirts at the bottom either curved hem version or straight hem version.

Hem Lined & Unlined Curtains

(full version)

Hard to believe but true that hemming lined curtains is easier than you think.

Get all 11 for $17 $7


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